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screenplay Ideas for 5 min short

I don’t know if this has already been posted, but can anyone help me with ideas for a screenplay. Im thinking of doing a short 5 minutes short concerned with emotions of self deprecation and depression. It will be first film, but I am struggling to think of interesting plot/ characters to develop it from. Given my current condition as a sixth form student I am limited to a smartphone and likely no actors (likely will just have to film self or maybe 2/3 others if I can get friends involved). Given my limited conditions of anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated


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You're welcome
I have a very simple screen play called "Anyone" written for high school students to produce but it's about 10-12 minutes long. It takes place in a high school, three sets, a Hallway, Bathroom and classroom involve a lot of students, everything else is one actor in an empty school. The list of characters are Willy (the lead), Jack, Jack's friend, three boys in the bathroom, a nurse, an administrator and a classroom full of extras. ashton.sinclair2005 has my permission is save a copy of the PDF attached and produce any version of this screenplay. I plan of publishing a book for young filmmakers with ready to produce screenplays so if you produce "Anyone" I would love some feedback. You are my market for these screenplays so your feedback would be really helpful. If it's not the right script right now that's ok too. Good luck on your journey!


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