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music I would like you to advice on this one, (especially electronic musician,)

https://soundcloud.com/7grnkcawwajp%2Felectronic%2Fs-vzrxcr6uOEc I wrote this as I was told to write crunchy synth music, but I have very little knowledge on electronic music. I made the result, and client is satisfied, (even though we had some problem financially,) but I want some professional to criticize (not emotionally of course,) so that I can learn for that. I'll be appreciate for all the advices. Also, please tell me what is good in this track so that I can also take care of that part in my future project as well.
Please leave me comments below!


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Sounds good to me. More crisp than crunchy though I can hear the crunchiness low in the background.
Yes, the crunchiness is in the background, but it works. When I think of crunchy, I think of drums run through some overdrive distortion, and synth sounds using filter saturation and distortion, like an Access Virus.