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I have my concept but I need more details

I am working on a First World Problems shortfilm/skitlet collection for TV production class (and later YouTube) and I have a few problems so far but I can not for the life of me think of anything when the other day I had tons of ideas but no way of writing them down.
Like "D@mn! The corner Starbucks is closing! Now I have to drive another 200 yards to get my mucho-grande-latte!"?

The Noob -
LOL! :lol:
Those are great!!

God, I hate (some) people.
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"My electric toothbrush died and now I have to move my arm."

"The finger I use to unlock my laptop with a fingerprint scanner is in a bandage, so I had to type my password in like a common peasant."

"I checked my smart phone and was so distracted by the notifications I had to check it again to get the time."

So you're making a short based on the first world problems meme?
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A barista gave me 2 percent latte, instead of NON FAT!! How dares she!

Spending 30 mins figuring out if I should wear dark brown or light brown tshirt. Frustrating choices!

Nothing to watch on my 100 inch 1080p tv, and all games on my xbox360 are from like, last month!
thanks for all of the great topics. Some I had already thought of but others would have taken so much brainstorming to get: my car lock broke, fingerprint scanner broke