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misc I Challenge You to a Duel!

Ah, but you see that's exactly what killed off the photo challenge on the other forum (or nearly did). You've told us - several times over - how your life is consumed by creating this kind of content, to the exclusion of just about everything else! So it's easy for you, surrounded as you are, by all your video resources, and being "in the groove" all day, every day.

It's quite a different situation for those of us who have other things going on in our lives, especially when those activities compete for the same resources or - worse still - when they make it impossible (or very undesirable) to bring the necessary resources into a different environment. Would you have let me borrow your Red camera to use while I was shifting 2-tonne tree-trunks with an excavator a few days ago, in the hope that I might catch sight of a wild pasta running across my path?

(No kidding: I haven't seen a piece of pasta of any kind in ... ... ... two, maybe three months, so were I to work around that theme, I'd first have to figure out how, when and where to get it - even for a still shot).
I decided to just disqualify myself from this contest, since some were saying that more serious competitors would scare everyone else off.

Anyway, here's the film I made for the contest. Since I decided not to enter, I just broke all the rules and did whatever.

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Thanks, it was a fun film to make, as this was our first actual test film using the new system, so I was learning new things along the way. Took about 90 hours or so total, it could have been a lot less, but about 75% of the way through I figured out how to make the spotlights illuminate the fog, and then I went back and remade a majority of the film to include that technique. I actually wanted to do a lot more with it, but we needed to keep moving and develop other techniques. Otherwise I would have spent another 90 hours and built a better waterfall and spaceship.


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