misc How To?

OK, I have a short, 3 min, screenplay and would love to get it made into a short film. My question is obviously...how?

I have no idea where to start, should I find and join an amateur film makers club?

I'm in the UK, so does anyone know anyone or anywhere I could get started?


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I'm in the states but isn't “UK” a pretty big area? When looking for collaborates
I suggest you start local.

All the larger cities have film schools. A great place to find filmmakers. Are there
any near you? Finding and joining an amateur film making club is a great idea.
Are there any near you? The more you participate the better - filmmakers always
need extra hands.
I've found one film making club who have said they always need writers so I will be visiting them, they are about an hour away so I'll try and find some a bit closer to home. I did think about contacting colleges ad universities. Obviously I've looked for places but most places are based in the states.
Thanks for your input and I will keep searching.