How do we get more people to come to Indietalk?

Also, I am a curious person, and know nothing about Harmonica 44. Can someone enlighten me as to this legendary figure in Indietalk history?

I went back and read some posts but there were almost 7 thousand, so I feel like I should just ask someone who experienced whatever you're talking about.

Who was Harmonica 44, and why do you all fear his return? Was he a man of great stature who overshadowed the accomplishments of thousands? Was he the worst filmmaker of all time? I literally know nothing about this guy. Must have missed an era in there somewhere.

I did pick one post at random out of the 7000 and read it. Seemed to be a lot of people facepalming over and over as they tried to explain extremely basic concepts to a brick wall.
Think of a dog that keeps peeing in the same place EVERY DAMN DAY, no matter how many times you rub his nose in it and smack him on the ass.
So does anyone know what happened to this guy? It sounds like he has no talent or intelligence, so I have to assume he eventually won a VMA or became a Tik Tok star. There must be some story.


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