How come I can't double my shutter at 6fps?

My magic lantern will not let me shoot at a 180 degree shutter when I try to shoot at 6fps or any fps around that area. Is their anything I can do to fix that?
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Those looking out the front windshield shots are NEVER going to look fast.. without going REAL fast.. but the same speed out the side window with stuff in the foreground will really fly by!

Try a pop zoom baby!

Its cheesy but I see it ALL THE TIME. The shot out the front window "pop zooms" to some detail of the car its chasing.. the zooming effect lends a lot of speed to the motion..

Or get the camera closer to the road. Buy a cheap camcorder and duct tape it on the front bumper!
Okay thanks. I was actually going to take it to the bumper, but doing tests first, since I don't want to risk it getting damaged till after I had some more practice into what footage will work and what not. That was the original plan was the bumper.
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Stay on task, please.
Try using warp stabilizer on it too, it'll help a lot.

Also, a lot of your problem is the setting. It's quite obviously a neighborhood, our brain knows that driving 80mph is unlikely. In another setting (like a country road) it'll feel better. You'll also want to avoid other things our brains know the speed of: people, animals, other vehicles. When we see that as a reference we know something is off. If other cars are in the shot they'll need to be driving at half the speed of normal to make your car look fast and the others look normal when sped up.
Yep for sure. Once I get the hang of it I will travel further to wear there are no people or other cars around. I tried warp stabilizer but that flattened the image like a pancake. Guess I could go through it step by step, but then what would be the point of warp stabalizer if you can't use it on the real shaky parts of course.

I shot it with a tripod locked down, but it just shakes a lot cause the footage has been sped up, compared to regular driving shake. It kind of works though in a frantic car chase sort of way, maybe? Since that's how much a car would shake if driving that fast. What about the actual speed and motion blur effects though, does it work, assuming their will be no cars on the road?
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It wouldn't shake like that because gravity and mass remains the same even though your car is going faster.

I'm not understanding your "flatten like a pancake" description? Try adjusting the settings, using more or less stabilization, different types of stabilization etc. A little shake is fine, but you don't want jitter. You also don't want it to adjust scale, just position.
What I mean is that after I apply warp stabilization the image is cropped really thin. The aspect ratio is only about a centimeter wide after.

If it's not the vibration of the road that is shaking the camera, then what is doing it? What do you mean?
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You have it way to aggressive, adjust the settings of the stabilizer and you'll be good.

Of course that's what's shaking the camera, what I mean is the look of the shake at high speed. Because of physics: inertia, gravity and the weight of the camera all thrown in double speed video of 40mph shake doesn't look like true speed video of 80mph shake.
Peanut butter jelly sandwiches.

Hard to mess up making one, but some people have a knack. :grumpy:

Glad u got ur camera back. :yes:

  1. Record three minutes.
  2. Infinite focus.
  3. Auto aperture.
  4. Auto shutter speed.
  5. 24/25/30fps
  6. Record >120secs
  7. Select any 120secs
  8. Compress to 80secs
  9. Don't process it any further.
  10. Upload.
  11. Post link.

A) Is that the street you want to use?
B) What is it's speed limit?
C) How fast do you want it to appear the vehicle is traveling?
Here's the footage with warp stabilizer:

As you can see it keeps blurring sort of, now that the shake is removed.

And I want the car to look like it's going as fast, as you sees in the video. I don't have to use that street, I just did as a test. If I compress 120 seconds to 80 seconds, it won't be fast enough. The original footage there was about a minute, and if I only took out 20 seconds, it wouldn't have been fast enough.
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And I want the car to look like it's going as fast, as you sees in the video.
1. What frame rate did you record @?
2. How many seconds or frames long is the original compressed to 8 seconds?

I don't have to use that street, I just did as a test.
3. Will u please use the street you want?
That street seems awfully bumpy.
4. Can you get a buddy to drive down the street while you hold the camera as a passenger (likely in the back seat with the front seat down) in your hands allowing your body to absorb and compensate for some of the shakeNbounce?
Tests are great. I love 'em!
5. Did u upload this to YouTube as 29.97fps or other fps rate and their computers had to adjust for output?

If I compress 120 seconds to 80 seconds, it won't be fast enough.
We're figuring a consistently reproducible production process for you.
6. Is this supposed to look real or some "effected" image the audience knows is being tampered with by the director?

Also, with a longer sample run time we can better see what process problems/issues need to be addressed.