Hi! My name is Jasmine and I'm a Digital Cinematography student.


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I mean I guess now, almost all schools will be doing some sort of online thing... But I wonder if it takes away the primary reason, which is to make connections and work with crew and expensive gear?

I think Full Sail sends you film gear to use? I could be wrong about that. I'm curious how the teamwork aspect comes into play.
Would you say Full Sail is worth the cost? And were you attending a physical location or all online? I ask, because I was looking at their program, and it seems rather pricey compared to others.
Full Sail is totally worth the cost. They are less expensive than many school with film programs and you get access to instructors who are still working in the field. I attend online since I don't live in Florida, but the campus is amazing and
I really wish I could attend on campus. Full Sail also provides you with all of the equipment you need to excel in your degree. Honestly, it has been my best school experience.