Hi. My name is Natalya. Video editing is my hobby. I only worked in this field once as a side job, more than 10 years ago. I was making fancy wedding movies as a junior editor in one company. I would have never been able to earn living like this as I was enjoying the process and spent so much time on polishing fancy details, it was not productive money wise. I had fun however.
I also was making some home videos for my friends and family. Like when my friends went on travels, I helped them with their footage afterwards. Sadly I have tons of my old family footage, that I never even digitized. A week ago my Mac Book Pro finally kicked the bucket. It should have had, as it turned 11 years recently, it already went through a couple of resuscitations in its career. Now I’m expecting my new Mac Book Pro, and I will need some help, as technology changed so much. I’m at loss with connections, adaptors, file formats - those are al very scary words for me. OK enough for a short “hello” 😁
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