I'm a 28-year-old, happily married, full-time musician. When I'm not busting my butt in the studio, I'm quite the nerd (I had a Klingon witness at my wedding... just to put things into perspective). I also enjoy whole foods and weight lifting.

I'm on here mainly to see if people are interested in licensing any music I make. I got an email from the IndieTalk MySpace page saying I should give it a try... so here I am. It looks like a pretty active board, and I'm looking forward to talking with everyone! :)
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Welcome MusicGuy! What kind of music do you write?


I do it all pretty much (Jazz, Orchestral, Techno, Ambient), but the main stuff I enjoy creating is rock oriented music that merges with other genres. I play a lot of instruments, but I prefer guitar, and I grew up on rock music, so those two things usually find their way into stuff that I didn't write specifically for someone else. :)