Hello Indie Talk Members :)

Hello everyone, I am new to the industry.. I went to scroll for video production many years ago and graduated in 1996, which seems like a lifetime ago..
We were using Large and Expensive TV Broadcast Studio Cameras and editing on Hi8 Tape Decks.. very old tech, but now I have been wanting to get back into things. I forgot basically most everything I had learned, so now I need to re-learn it all.

I have many questions to ask. So I hope you guys/gals can help me get back into the game and figure things out.
Nice to meet you ;)

Thanks, I am from Long Island, NY.
I have been trying to research cameras and having a tough time trying to get started with a limited budget at this time.


I was going to do the appropriate thing and choose a cine camera instead of a regular mirrorless camera
but good ones are way beyond my budget so I am hoping to go with a mirrorless non-cine cam for now
unless I could find a good one at an affordable price of course..

I would like to do cinema movies but have tons of questions and concerns about everything involved. I will just start posting some posts since I am on my quest to obtain these answers.

Cool. I'm in Queens. You could start out by renting cine cameras that way you won't have to invest so much and you can get the camera you want without breaking the bank. There are a bunch of rental houses around here.