Hello, howdy, how are ya?

Hello, howdy, how are ya? I'm an aspiring actor and film maker and someone who greatly enjoys old movies. I've come to this forum to talk about films I like and dislike, to learn about different lenses and to see what I'm sure is some beautiful work. Please feel free to get in touch at anytime, I try to answer within the same month 😧😱.I also believe that whenever fish is served, it should be served with the head, I hope you don't mind this.

I'm now going to smoke a cigar.
If that'll be all,
Just find the girl, Mr. Gittes!


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Now that's a good topic. Cohiba Esplendidos are my favourites, I like the Partagas D4 too. Can't forget the Montecristo Eagle, used to be my go to. How about yourself?
A man of expensive tastes. Here in the States the Esplendidos run about
$60 (£45) a stick. I've had two in my entire life. And not easy to get here
although I have two in my humidor ready for a special occasion.

In 2010 I was working in Nicaragua and fell in love with their cigars. So for
me it's a Pardon Diplomatico. Or a Cohiba Nicaraguan which is easier on
my cigar budget at £10 a stick. But my go-to are Gurkha's: The Park Avenue
and Gurkha Nicaragua Series are my daily stick.

The 80th anniversary of your first movie is this year. In two weeks I'm driving
two hours to see it in one of the few movie theaters open here in California.