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Has anyone run an indiegogo campaign for festival finance?

This is my first campaign and after posting on instagram and facebook, and asking other crew/cast members to share, I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

Any good tips on running an indiegogo campaign to help finance the festival circuit?

Also if anyone feels like taking a look and telling me if they think the campaign looks good or if Im going wrong somewhere, I'd appreciate it


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Welcome to indietalk.

The campaign looks good. For me the issue is I don't know you.
I only have so much money to donate to filmmakers so I look first
to people I know, then to projects being made by filmmakers I
admire. I suspect you do the same thing. I have donated to members
of this forum - people I don't know personally but who have a history
of helpful posts here. I recently donated to a good friend who needed
money to attend AFM.

I wish I had some helpful tips for you. But I can't think of anything
that would get me to donate to a perfect stranger whose work I have
never seen.
It seems the whole point to crowdfunding is to get strangers to give you money because they like your idea, but the attitude I've heard twice now on indietalk is, if I don't personally know you, you're not getting any money.

Do you have any constructive criticism Sweetie?


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Having been through several festival runs, for both shorts and my 2 features, I'd suggest scaling back your plans/goals, which would reduce the amount needed and might make it more attractive.

I think that submitting to 90 festivals is overkill. Figure out 15 to 20 that you believe you have a realistic expectation of getting into, which will reduce the amount needed for submissions. If you get into half of those, you'll be doing well.

Very few festivals screen on DCP, and even then it's primarily for features. If you think in terms of producing and sending a blu ray disc instead, that further reduces the cost, especially since they really don't need to be returned.

If your "ask" comes down, that may help to get donors.

Good luck!
there is no compelling reason for strangers to help you on your endeavors.
Do you have any constructive criticism Sweetie?
I thought I was clear. I didn't expect you'd need it spelled out. Your campaign needs a compelling reason, from the perspective of potential donators, for strangers to help you.

In other words, you can slap together a campaign like yours when you're asking your family and friends for money. They already know you and care about what happens to you. When asking those whom you don't have a connection, you need to up your game. You need to build a connection and to motivate them to want to help you. You need to give them a reason to care.

In other words, you need to give me reasons why would I want to donate to your campaign? From your audiences perspective, why should I care? Why should I send money to you instead of supporting causes that are already close to my heart. Why should I give you money instead of taking my spouse to dinner or for a night out to the cinema?

Personally, I don't care if you follow the advice, but your chance of success will increase if you do.
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If I wanted to help a film enter festivals I'd have to see it first. Let me put it to you this way. Why would I pay to enter a film into a fest, if the film sucked? Not saying it does, and that is my point. No idea. I would want to be stoked about it, and want the world to see it. I would want to think "man this thing needs to be out there, it even has a chance at Sundance!" Unfortunately, without seeing it, you are likely to only get contributions from friends and family. Which is not a total bummer. They can help. Have you hit them up? Your friends, family, and any fans you have collected along the way?

I did an album fundraiser once, it was friends, fam, and fans... no strangers.

In the end I decided these types of campaigns (festivals, album finishing) look too much like begging. YOU pay for ME to do THIS. Unless you have a huge fanbase of course. Then it can be worthwhile.

Good luck!


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It seems the whole point to crowdfunding is to get strangers to give you money because they like your idea,
If you want strangers to donate I think you need to offer
more than just an idea.

50 plus film festivals is a lot for a short film. Maybe crowdfund 10
and tell us what fests they are and why you think you have a shot
at those.

Your trailer doesn't tell us what you tell us in the "overview". I do
not get from the trailer that this film is introducing people to
kinky/alternative lifestyles. Nor do I see characters trying to solve
life's mysteries. Since we can't see the finished movie the question
arrises; is it good enough for film festivals worldwide? It might be.
But as a stranger to you I just don't know. I must be selective with
my limited funds.

but the attitude I've heard twice now on indietalk is, if I don't personally know you, you're not getting any money.
As you can see from the more detailed replies it's quite a bit more
than that. A stranger needs something more than your friends and
family do. We all have limited funds to donate - after all you posted
on a forum comprised of fellow filmmakers. We have our own projects
in various stages and are spending what money we can on them.

Strangers do donate. I'm sure you have donated to complete strangers
to make their film. I haven't. Yet. I've donated to people here on indietalk
that are strangers to me but whose work I know.

As I already said, I think it's good looking campaign. The perks are
creative, the trailer looks good and as a fellow filmmaker I can relate
to and appreciate the passion it took to get cast and crew to donate
their time and talent. But you haven't done anything that inspires me
to donate.
the attitude I've heard twice now on indietalk is, if I don't personally know you, you're not getting any money.
Yeah, that's about the size of it. What's the old saying? "Crowdfunding is two words: crowd and funding. If you don't already have the crowd, you won't get the funding." How many people do you have on your mailing list, your Facebook fan page, your Twitter account? Those are the people who might donate. Strangers are just not gonna.


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Kris didn't raise the needed funds with the campaign. And hasn't posted here
in four months. He didn't start up another one using the suggestions he got

It's difficult getting money from total strangers, isn't it?
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