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plot Had a new idea in mind

I got this new idea one time about a short film about a teenager (boy) who has anxiety and insomnia. It basically happens in one setting (his bedroom) where the teen tries to sleep amidst his thoughts. The story will unfold through flashback and voice overs. I want to use the stream of consciousness style in writing the inner dialogue as to make it realistic. The film ends with him almost suppressing his anxiety and finally sleeping only to be woken up by his alarm clock a few seconds later. He gets up the bed and the credits will, then, roll.

Is there any suggestions on the thoughts and flashbacks stories I can use or if the plot is okay or if it needs changes?
Sounds interesting. As for flashbacks:
  • His classmates mocking him for his 'pizza face'
  • Perhaps some thoughts on body image (seeing photos in a magazine or something)
  • His crush, making fleeting glances at her, but not having the guts to approach
  • Massive piles of homework he has to do
  • His mum nagging him to tidy his room
  • His sister/brother/sibling being annoying
  • His parents arguing?
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental (this totally isn't my life 😉).


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Something to think about...

The writing style "I want to use the stream of consciousness style in writing" is secondary in a screenplay. You are writing this to be filmed. Write only what can be seen on the screen. How do you film "almost suppressing his anxiety"? As you write picture what you want to see on the screen and write that.