cameras Good Camera for Nature Documentary

Hello, I am planning an 8 day nature walk/documentary this June. I am looking for the right camera to rent. I will be in a multi-acre forest and will be spending a lot of time in the shade of thick green leaves that will obscure some of the natural sunlight. I need a camera that will be ready to shoot with ease and will capture the immersive environment in quality 4K, in 10-bit video. I will be shooting in 30fps. I and some other people will be holding and talking into it as we walk. Occasionally I may be running. I also need a Mic jack for the rode wireless. There will also be some night shots. I will be entering this into several film festivals. I want to rely on as little gear as possible. I will use a key light during the day if need be, but I am going for as natural a look as possible while still retaining quality. I want as minimalistic a setup as reasonably possible. Internal stabilization would be nice, but I will probably be relying on a gimbal. I have a 2017 MacBook and will be editing on this. 8 days worth of RAW files will be too much for it. I was considering the Sony a6600, but I wonder the image will look too flat and amateurish. But perhaps with the right lens it will look better.

Any thoughts or recommendations?


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The A6600 would be a great camera for a nature walk doc. Add the UURig
cage and handle and you've got a small enough rig to take with you.

Another really good camera for your needs is the Fujifilm X-T4. They don't
advertise as much as Sony or Canon but they make a solid camera. However,
I doubt the rental house will carry that camera.

You can't go wrong with the Canon EOS R. Great lens choices, too.