Hi all!

Not sure if there has been something like this before on here, but thought it would just be interesting to see how many gamers we got going about here! Be it computer, ps3, xbox, wii etc, So basically, thought this could be a nice thread in which people can discuss games they enjoy, upcoming games and so on.

Also depending on how many gamers are o0n here, perhaps we can get a bit of an indie gaming community going on? Say if people have steam or PSN or whatever? So would just like to hear what games you're playing at the moment, favourite games, most looking forward to etc!

I'll get this started, one of my all time favourites and a game I still play a lot to day is Counter Strike, so if anyone plays it/has steam give me a shout and perhaps we can have a game or two :)

One extra thing, thought one thing that could be fun is this, say what your:

Favourite game of all time -
Most played game -
Least favourite game -
Most addictive -
Favourite console -

and then any others you can think of :)

Mine is:

Favourite - Final Fantasy series (7 & 10 especially)
Most played - counter strike
Least favourite - COD
Most addictive - probably WoW (shameful i know haha)
Favourite console - PC
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Ah EVE I've played this very briefly, very time consuming and takes a lot of dedication I found, but I can see it being very addictive, do you still have to pay to play?
Certainly a huge gamer myself =D
More of a lone wolf (don't really play Multiplayer anymore) as the novelty of having your team dragged down by some random 7 year old who couldn't aim to save his life has long worn off, haha.

At the moment I'm developing an interesting game which should take another couple of months before I can release an alpha..

Favourite game of all time - Heavy Rain (oh lawwwwwd)
Most played game - Final Fantasy X (140 hours+)
Least favourite game - Final Fantasy X-2 (laawl)
Most addictive - Skyrim
Favourite console - PC, motherlicker!
Oh, man, can of worms here! I've been gaming almost as long as I can remember (the D&D game on the Intellivision kicked off my misspent youth). I've owned tons of consoles over the years, and played more than my share of PC games. I have a Legend of Zelda tattoo. I play retro games and modern games with equal joy (though I'm less a PC gamer these days, since my PC is pretty much a work/music machine). Not so into sports games or driving games (though I love me some mario kart...mk64+battle mode+way too much to drink=goodtimes!), but I'll play anything at least once. My favorites are the RPGs, the platformers, 2d fighting games and a good horror game. So then, questions:

Favourite game of all time - Zelda (series), Final Fantasy (6, 9 and 12 in particular, but 7 is awesome), Grandia (2&3), Fatal Frame and Drakan. Loved Ico, Alundra, Arc the Lad, the 7th Guest, Sam & Max...I could go on and on....
Most played game - I just played the NES Zelda about a month ago. It came out in the US 25 years ago this year (on my birthday no less!)
Least favourite game - Well, I don't like sports, so there's that. Some spectacularly bad games come to mind though; Roscoe McQueen: Firefighter Extreme and Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman on the PSX were of particular note.
Most addictive - can this really be anything other than Tetris?
Favourite console - I can't think of a console that didn't have a game I loved on it. It's all about the games, not the hardware!
I have no more time to game - but on the plane I bust out Fifa 12 on my iPad.

What I did play throughout junior high was Ultima Online. That was by far the most addictive game I have ever played. Perhaps Zensteve played it, too? I remember when EVE came out, and I didn't leave UO for it. I quit in 2002 when I moved down to Los Angeles to start my acting career (I wished, I ended up on the other side of the glass) and thus got into the entertainment industry and never got into WOW or the other games.
Favourite game of all time - This one's tough! It's a cross between Test Drive: Unlimited, Batman: Arkham City and Everything Or Nothing

Most played game - NCAA '12

Least favourite game - Any Call of Duty game

Most addictive - Angry Birds :)

Favourite console - PS3
Don't have a console since I sold my old Sega megadrive many years back. So play all my games on PC.

Most played game over the years - Various call of duty games.
Least favourite - World of warcraft
Most addictive - Recently it is Skyrim and the best looking game i have ever played. One of the most addictive games I have ever played was for the Spectrum back in the 80`s and it was based on Tron. Some of the simplest games can be very addictive, such as Tetris like Joshl has mentioned.

I`ve played Eve and agree it is a good game. I`m glad they are incorporating more character interaction in space stations etc though as you can get fed up just wandering about space all the time.

Next game I`ll probably buy - Mass Effect 3. I`ve played both previous versions and was impressed.
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Great to see some proper gamers here! and JoshL, loving your selection of games, I definitely agree with the sports games. The thing with sports games I find, is that why play something which you can do in real life? The point in games to me (same with film) is basically experiencing a different reality which cannot be achieved within ours, I guess that's why I've always loved RPG's. Although saying that, I do love playing something like Fifa with a big group of people, can always be fun.

I think I've changed my minds on the COD's, because I absolutely loved COD 1 and United Offensive on PC, I think its the whole new franchise business which has taken it away for me, the whole experience of it has been destroyed.

ALSO - to any final fantasy lover, have you heard that square enix are remastering X in HD for PS3? That is probably my most anticipated game of the year!

Skyrim - I played it a bit the other day, but I at the moment I dont see what all the fuss is about? Is it something that takes a bit of time to get into? I loved morrowind, Oblivion was ok, anyone who has played the elder scrolls series, would you say its better than the rest?
More of a lone wolf (don't really play Multiplayer anymore) as the novelty of having your team dragged down by some random 7 year old who couldn't aim to save his life has long worn off, haha.
Ahahaha, definitely agree with that. Now days, seems as if the community of online gaming has some what disappeared, all about ranks, whos the best blah blah blah, where did all the playing for fun go?
Favourite game of all time - Think I have to go with Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Most played game - Guild Wars or TF2
Least favourite game - Any recitalist war game and Mass Effect
Most addictive - None really.
Favourite system - PC/Ps2

Lately all PC games seem to be a crappy port of their console cousins and that really sucks for me an RPG fan.

Ceolwulf:How can you say Skyrim is the best looking game you've ever played? How much PC gaming do you do? The graphics are dated unless they came out with a high res pack. I got the game the week it came out and beat it in 60 hours and haven't touched it since. All bugs make the game a joke and it's no where near as good as other games in the series.
TheBuck: Guild Wars is a great game, although I felt it lost its touch a bit with the expansion packs, the original was amazing though, one of the greatest MMORPGS I've played, alongside LOTRO and WOW
TheBuck: Guild Wars is a great game, although I felt it lost its touch a bit with the expansion packs, the original was amazing though, one of the greatest MMORPGS I've played, alongside LOTRO and WOW

The expansions for the most part added a lot of good content but I will cede that Factions did feel a bit out of place. I can't for GW2 to hit, I know I will play the crap out it.

Don't like WoW due to the cartoony graphics and color scheme and as for LOTRO,well, I never did try it because of the movies. I hated the movies and I just couldn't see myself getting into the game.
Yeah, I think it was Factions which put it off for me, I really didn't the assassin and ritualist classes. But yes, have been anticipating GW2 for a very long time now, I remember hearing rumours about it just after factions!

WoW is kinda like a hate or love it really haha. Do you like LOTR in general? Because LOTRO doesnt follow the main plot of the films, it focuses of Angmar and a lot of what happened before the film, the gameplay is quite similar to GW too, at first it does take a while to get into it, but is a very fun game overall, after GW and before WOW that was my main MMORPG which I played for a over 2 years or so
Favourite game of all time - Homeworld
Most played game - Battlefield Series
Least favourite game - Any RPG
Most addictive - Dawn of War
Favourite console - Whats a console?

I'm a PC gamer, I have the hardware for work so I dont even own a console any more.
I'm in a gaming clan called Kung Fu Robots... Its a bunch of "old guys".
We play Battlefield 3 right now, we have our own server and a Teamspeak server if any of you guys are interested in playing. We are on most nights.

You know, I've never really understood MMOs, which is silly because I'm sort of the target audience. I grew up on Tolkien and still read fantasy novels. Played my fair share (and probably your fair share) of D&D; I don't have a game now because I don't have the time to commit to something like that. Still dig out my books for fun. I'll watch ANY fantasy film with a much more generous eye than most people. Sank time into most RPGs out there.

The problem is, I'm drawn to RPGs because a) I love a good story, and following the narrative is most of the fun. In massives it tends to be a bit squishy at best. And b) I don't really want to play with others. Hell, I don't even like the AI controlling the rest of my party (thus lean towards the turn based JRPGs).

I did play some EQ (1&2) with my girlfriend, and it's fun with people in the same room, but even still, some of the time-sink grinding was annoying, and I never got nearly as into it as she is. But it's okay, because she's not much of a console gamer, so I can hog the TV while she's on her computer, and fun shared video gaming can be had!

DeJager, good pick with Diablo 2! 3 is in beta right now, and I'm really looking forward to that!
Never played EQ but loved the original Diablo, especially the music. I used to play D&D and I think Diablo was the nearest game at that time to D&D. Diablo 2 was good but I hated the multiplayer because I was forever getting killed and brought back to life by people who had bought the expansion pack which, If I remember right, easily allowed you to create super high level characters quickly.

One of the games I remember playing loads on the spectrum was `Lords of midnight` and its sequel `Doomdarks revenge`. Graphics were not great, they never were on spectrum games, but the playability was good.
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I'm really bad at video games and I turn my PS3 on about once a year (excepting using it as a Blu-Ray player). That said I think video games are a (potentially) interesting narrative art form and I wish they were done better. I just suck at them and tend to get stuck and bored.

Favourite game of all time - Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption and Oblivion.
Most played game - See above.
Least favourite game - Almost every other game.
Most addictive - Oblivion.
Favourite console - PS3 I guess...