computer-related Flat or curved monitor for screenwriting?

Hello! What monitor is better for screenwriting, many hours. Flat or curved monitor and what size?
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According to my calculations... curved or flat monitor doesn't impact the writing.
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Come on! I'm the first person who'll get angry if someone tell it does.. I'm talking about the comfort of watching text and writing text on your monitor. Is curved monitors a problem for the eyes?
Comparison of Flat and Curved Monitors: Eyestrain Caused by Intensive Visual Search Task

We did not find significant differences in eye discomfort symptoms between flat and curved monitors based on comparison of group means or medians ...
the curved monitor might be more comfortable for some display users ... In this study, we did not find a difference in search performance between the two monitors. This may be because the difference in symptoms was not large enough to impact visual search during the short experiment.

If you're worried about eyestrain, use paper or :
take regular breaks from staring at the screen,
and have it at the right height,
and have a good sitting/standing posture,
and use a proper keyboard, and learn to type with all eight fingers [plus thumbs!],
and have the right balance between screen and room lighting.
The shape of the monitor is unlikely to have any meaningful effect if you haven't addressed all of those issues first.
No, I have no such problems, fortunately. I can sit for 16 hours writing without any discomfort in eyes or body or fingers. But I want to buy a curved monitor, so I try to find whether the flat is preferable for writing. Is there any problem with the straight lines or the pages, which will appear bent on the curved monitor?
Also use the night light feature on your monitor 24 hours to remove the blue light, or, buy a blue light filter, or, see if your writing software has a dark mode.
Is there any problem with the straight lines or the pages, which will appear bent on the curved monitor?
I googled curved monitors for architects since straight lines are imperative: