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watch First Wedding Montage

Pretty good man! Only big critique is color, there's some properly balanced footage in there, but a lot of green and a lot of orange too.

For wedding stuff, I usually try to use a more elegant font in the intro too. That's artistic choice though, not a "rule" haha.

Pay ok?
Looks good.

Id like to echo Paul's comment. Orange/warmish is usually acceptable for weddings. It's a choice.
But green is usually not what you want in there.
I also think redoing the intro would be a good idea. I think you should use white or light pastels for your colors. Also, changing the font to cursive type would make it look much more formal. IMO the dark colors and blocky text doesn't fit a wedding theme very well. I think the rest of the video looks very good though.
Thanks guys. I Did the edit in one day, but I should of done more color correction. I didn't get paid for it either. But it was my first wedding montage