Somehow missed this post earlier, really sorry to hear about what's happened to you and @Lucky Hardwood , I've had some disasters in my time but this has to be a lot worse simply because it's so random. I hope you guys are able to find some help, and eventually recover. Wish there was something I could do to help.
Today was kind of heart-breaking.

I watched as the crew demolished all my sewage-soaked studio furniture and loaded it into a truck. All of my Foley props went as well - 14 years accumulation. Then, of course, my remaining albums, 20 years of Keyboard, Electronic Musician, Recording and MIX magazines which I had been planning to sell; plus speakers, power amps, computers, controller keyboards, patch bays, etc. It sounds stupid, but I'm really going to miss my couch; it was really comfortable.

The adjuster was here yesterday. I may be able to claim some of the studio stuff. Probably pennies in the dollar, but every little bit helps. The demolition guy is supposed to be here tomorrow so he can assess how big a crew, how big a truck and the like. Once that's done - some time next week - they'll be able to wash out the rest of the sludge, treat for mold, etc. Then we can get the boiler and hot water heater installed, so another week or two without gas. Until then, no showers at home and we'll continue cooking in the microwave and on a hotplate. Had a hot shower and a shave at a friends house yesterday, my first in a week. It's amazing how much you miss things like that.

Finding even a passable used car that I can afford is proving troublesome. There are already problems finding new cars; certified used vehicles are more expansive than new cars. The local price of "junk mobiles," which is all I can afford, has taken a big jump just in the past several days. My family in Vermont is on the lookout for something that I can afford.

Well, time to cry myself to sleep.


Sorry, man. I'm hoping you get some settlements and assistance out of this.

Then, of course, my remaining albums, 20 years of Keyboard, Electronic Musician, Recording and MIX magazines which I had been planning to sell

I've been running out of space, so I actually trashed those mags, which I had been collecting since the 80's - Keyboard, Electronic Musician, Future Music, Sound On Sound, a few of the Mix and Recording mags, Cinemafantastique, Famous Monsters, Film Threat, and a ton (literally) of others. I probably could have sold them, but I got the immediate satisfaction of space.

Like I said, I hope you get some decent settlements. You'll get some new things, not everything replaced, but fewer items that can do a lot for reasonable cost.
Well this really sucks, man. So sorry to hear it. Would a GoFundMe do any good? Hope things are getting at least a little more sorted out since your last post.

The last dumpster leaves today.

So, one full truck of all the stuff that was in the basement and two dumpsters of the demolition debris. My basement is now four concrete walls again like it was 30 years ago.

We got the hot water heater installed yesterday; had my first hot shower in two weeks. Blissful!!!

I'm going to my nephews wedding this weekend, and then I have no idea what to do next.