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If you are submitting to festivals, read the fine print. I have come across two festivals in the last month that not only want your submission fee, but then claim the worldwide, perpetual right to do anything they want with your film. I have complained to FilmFreeway about this, but nothing happened. See if you can find an article from The Hollywood Reporter from a few years ago about festivals like the Oaxaca Film Festival.

My films have shown in about 30 festivals worldwide, I have had great fun at the ones I could attend, and have been a judge at festival in NYC, so this is not sour grapes, just a heads up.
Usually this is not something nefarious but so if you win, they have the right to use the name and clips from it in their promotion. Just be sure of the wording. Some is scary, but legit.
As I said, read the fine print. The two I saw (Toronto Smartphone and BetterCities) say that by SUBMITTING you give them license to do anything they want with the whole film. Worldwide. Forever. And they want you to pay them.
Yes, always read fine print. I've seen agreements like this when you enter with a special theme, like, make a commercial for Dotritos, etc. But if you see it and the film was not made for that comp, it's best to avoid it if they want to retain full rights in perpetuity.
What are some good film festivals to send work to? Both U.S. and around the world?
I know by now you have done some research. What have you found?
Any festivals that stand out for you?

Yours is such a broad question I couldn't answer. There are so many
good film festivals to send work to but the film YOU made and what
you want out of a festival is far more important then "good".
So far here are the festivals I am looking to apply:
-Memphis Indie Film Festival
-Cindependent film festival
-WILDsound Writing and Short Film Festival
-Bolton International Film Festival
-Moscow International Experimental Film Festival

I'm still taking my time looking through what is out there. I'd really like to enter one in Europe. That fine print is something I didn't know about until now!
I won Memphis Indie when it was called Memphis Int'l (same fest). It was top notch and the people running it treated us like fam, they even took us out for BBQ to Neely's and they had a special table and menu for us. Since you live around there I recommend.