distribution Feature film is completed, looking for the next steps.

Hey all - We are an educational nonprofit with lots of filmmaking experience, but none of it commercial. We just finished our first full length feature documentary intended for commercial release. Budget was about $200K (funded by private grants and donations), color and post are done, and I'm just finishing up getting legal clearances so we can get the needed riders for our E&O insurance.

Unfortunately that's as far as our experience takes us — nobody here has an industry connections and we're really not sure what to do next. Do we start spending money to get it into festivals? Do we cold call Hollywood agents and see if someone wants to rep it to a distributor? Give it to Bitmax and hope for the best?

Any thoughts appreciated. (Everyone loves the film, at least, so that's good.)
We used to have an expert in this area that posted here.
You can read some of the insights