Fake social media app to film on camera?

I need a social media app that looks like a TikTok knockoff and/or an Instagram knockoff that's functional that the actor can interact with, scroll through, etc. so that I can film it being used in a scene. Since I can't use the real TikTok or Instagram on camera. Wondering if there is an easy solution for this kind of thing.
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dont reinvent the wheel.. here are a couple of options

option 1 ) you can screenshot existing pages and then change the colors and logos.
option 2) you can use close ups that don't show the name or logo of the company


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Rule #1. DON'T give it a knockoff name like RICKROCK or TICTAC. This always takes me out of the scene. But yes, use a clone that looks similar and be creative with shots and dialogue to suggest they are using the real thing.