Fade In:

Bonjour! So I am not really the best at introductions so I hope I can do this well enough.

My name is Amira, I am a little Cairene girl who's really into filmmaking and is hoping to be involved in the industry. I am currently planning on going to film school by next year. I am mostly into horror (especially campy horror), sci-fi, and (neo) noirs. Most of my daily movie diet consists of exploitation flicks and B-Movies from the 60s to 80s. Of course the common question I get is 'why would you torture yourself like that, those movies have no value, are terrible, low budget!" to which I answer yes they do but also these movies are the rawest form of filmmaking, I love seeing what these directors managed to do with minuscule budgets and limited shooting times and simple concepts, and they are hilariously entertaining.

Of course that is not to say I don't consume traditional "good" filmmaking. I especially love my noirs. Maltese Falcon, Sunset Boulevard, The Third Man, you name it. As well as newer Neo-Noirs too.

So yeah, probably not the best introduction, but I hope it did the job as best as can be.