Essa Humans: About my works, plans and a vision

Hello Creative Minds,

This is Essa Humans, you can say my art name, you can call me Essa,

I have joined this site with following vision

"looking for promising talents seeking opportunities in uncharted territories, Middle-East Area"

First about my self, my current profession is related to technical consultancy, but starting from 2021 i have started developing another career path of being Novelist/Screenwriter and Songwriter, all this based on private documented projects i have been preparing for more than 11 years, each one contains what i like i call "Trigger of Ideas" opening up possibilities of different interesting projects

The plan and unforeseen opportunity here, i have noticed in one of middle east countries, Saudi Arabia, some 7 years ago, the government has established local authority called "Authority of Entertainment" which one of their aims to sponsor and fund any entertainment project which promote more accurate image of Saudi Arabia unknown culture, as Arabian my self, and born in Saudi Arabia, and lived there most of my life, i have built different "Triggers" which suit their vision and so it can raise opportunity for having convincing pitch, which lead to great funding and successful career

and thats it, I would like in this community to share interesting and inspiring thoughts, maybe together with your unique talents we will come up with interesting plans for the future :)

Best of Luck Everyone
Kind Regards
Cool, I met some people from saudi arabia like 10 years ago
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Cool, I met some people from saudi arabia like 10 years ago
Hi sfoster,

What blessing coincidence, Glad, you have enjoyed your time there,

Sure, this will setup interesting ideas we can discuses here , references for unique inspirations, my hope, my thoughts will have added value to this community, while we can explore new interesting ideas :)

Oh and BTW, this Saud rice meal, called "Kabsa" :)
main and favorite food of the country, its seasoning and used spices different from each region of country