misc English for a foreigner

Hello everybody
I need your advice, please.

My mother language is not English, but my first screenplay will be English language.

My English level is intermediate and upper. I want to write my first screen ASAP and translate it to English.

What are the best references or how can I do that my best?

Thank you.


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I would have someone you trust (or hire) to work with you on dialogue. Sure, the whole thing can be translated and proofread, but that often doesn't work for dialogue. You will want to make sure the phrasing, slang, flow is correct for English or it could sound robotic with strange translations. My suggestion would be translate it best you can, or even have it properly translated for you, THEN, send it to an English speaker (from the country the story is based in) to check the dialogue. So if it's an English speaker is Scotland, find a Scot!