Do you like your work?

"In my case lack of budget is the reason I am often frustrated with the quality of my work"

99% the cause of my frustrations. "enough" budget doesn't fix everything, but it can fix a lot. For me mainly the compressed timelines. If I can only afford to rent gear for 4 days, we have to shoot it in 4 days. I dream of the luxury of being able to shoot 3 or 4 pages a day instead of 7 or 8 or 9. I certainly buy what
Robert Rodriquez says about lack of budget spurring creativity, but just once I'd love to turn on the money hose and wash away a problem.
I take photography and alot of times i find my opinion of my work much lower than my peers, i think you have to realize that when people see something that there 100 percent conscious to fact that someone MADE this rather than catching it on tv or something they respond much more positively and aren't as indifferent to it. So when i judge my work i think along the lines as if i just saw this in the street one day what would i think of it.
Another thing is we tend to know ways it could have been better or different and struggle with whether or final project was the absolute greatest option.
The bottom line is your opinion of it ... though everyone else's is a close second lol.
There is always something I like and hate about everything I've ever made. It's like a child in some ways. You don't have a choice but to love some parts of your creation, but that doesn't mean you don't want to strive for perfection or wish your offspring well even when you know it has flaws.
No doubt money can fix a're paying for the talent and resources to create exactly what you want, or fix what is not working. It would be nice to say, 'I would really love an aerial shot here', or 'I'd love a crane shot here'...I'm sure if you had the money, resources, and talent, many filmmakers would opt for more cinematic shots...and boy do those shots work in terms of upping the production value...
If you start out with an idea you like, in the end it might not come out anywhere near the way you expected. But, you should still like it. If you didn't like what you started with, you shouldn't have done it in the first place.

Movies or music, the talent is the worst judge of the product while it's being made. That's what friends and test audiences are for.

Always strive to do your best. Down the road, after your project is long in the bag, pop it in the player and see all the things you would have done differently from a whole new perspective.

I like everything I've ever done. They're all full of holes. But, I know it's the best I could do at the time.
Hum..??? Dont you have to balance self loathing with the ability to self market? If you walk around saying I suck, I suck, I suck.. well then no matter how good you are, by your own definition you still suck. Who wants to work with someone who doubts their own abilities? If you don't know this already, I tell you a secret.. two secrets in fact..

  1. Half of life is just showing up!
  2. Most people are winging it!

No excuses!

So by just showing up and making a movie, your already exceptional!

In counter point. The lack of growth, is retardation.

You can admit that the film you did a while back was crap, but this new project, the one your working on NOW.. this film is\will be brilliant! Its Awesome, its the best darn movie ever!
Yes, and perhaps it's best to pick one ore two things to improve with future projects...don't overwhelm yourself. Start with a solid script (always) and pick a production aspect you want to definitely improve...noticeably.
I don't know if I'm even qualified to respond to this question [that may give you some insight to what kind of answer I'm giving. haha]. personally, I rarely enjoy my work. because like most artists, it never lives up to my original vision. I can't help but wince throughout most of one of my little short films, just so horrible...but sometimes, on rare occasions, there's a project where I can actually sit back and watch without having to look away or shake my head. it's really a question that can have a billion answers, which is fantastic.
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I'm never "happy" with my work, I always think I can do it better and that keeps me moving forward. I have films posted online and they receive some horrendous feedback, but I know them for what they are and they are worse than most of the comments... They were the best I was able to produce at the time with the tools and knowledge I had then... I wasn't happy with them then and that made me want to do better next time.

Every project we finish, we tear apart in a screening for a few select folks, then we choose the worst offender to work on the next film... we also choose the parts that work well and try to repeat those successes - we even go so far as to try to figure out WHY they work or don't... but brutally honest about our work at all times in private.

In our films, the director is always at fault for all of the failures as it's their job to make sure we get the right footage and make the right decisions to make a GREAT film. My last couple, I'm actually pretty happy with. Better takes, better set/costume/makeup, better editing, better effects, better sound, etc. Better story telling as well.

Still room for improvement, always will be!
In the few film projects I have worked on for class I have loved my work while filming and editing. The second I am done though I see everything I did wrong and it makes me want to shoot a new movie. So far though my classmates have been gentile. I think everyone starts out with a fragile ego. I think most people also start off being pessimistic as being a successful movie maker seems about as likely as winning the powerball lottery. Sometimes though you have to just truck on.