DIY LiteRing Chroma Key POC

Hey all,
the other day I got intrigued by the idea of crafting my own version of the light ring based chroma key systems.. I did some digging..

If you dont know what Im talking about, check out the high end reflectmedia

$2500 for a setup..

A better priced knock of can be had at

The trick here was figuring out what the backdrop was made out of... retroreflective material.. once I got that far, I found a 3M supplier that sent me a 12" x 9' sample.. pretty cool, until today I wasnt sure I had the right stuff.... so I spent a few minutes, with what ever leds I had lying about, I set this up in about 15 mins..

(sorry about the strangeness in the first few seconds.. )

Here is a quick keying attempt.. Iv never done keying before..

Now, that fabric is very expensive, about $35 a yard, so its still too rich for my blood. But you can save a LOT of money doing it your self if you want to try this. I am looking for a knock of supplier out of china....

EDIT: So the shadow was made WORSE by being balanced for sunlight, and not florescent... in further tests, the shadows are just another shade of green (not brown like this example) and caused only small issues in keying.
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on page 7 of this thread there's an invoice from superbright led, thats where I went and thats what I used. The retro-reflective I bought (and since sold at a stupid low price) from china cost me $2 for a meter for 1 meter wide. The catch... I had to buy 20 meters!

I did not attach it to any backing.. just sewed the edges together.. its been hanging on my wall for several months, the stitching is holding fine..
Hiya Wheatgrinder,

First off, cudos for starting this thread and keeping it fresh. Made me have to sign up with IndieTalk...

Would you mind horribly sharing the company in China you dealt with? I might want to put in an order.

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For the below Shipping, international funds transfer etc all went without a hitch.
This was a while back, Im sure he wont recall, so just start your own conversation.

Felix Lee
name:WuYi RuiFeng reflective industrial co,ltd
address: No,8.xingda one road,yongkang city,zhejiang province,china.
Chroma Key Back Ground

Hey guys I have been really enjoying your posts and finally found the source of a cheap ring of LEDs. THANK you for that. (I was actually contemplating the Reflect Media package for $1500 including the Light ring and their glass beaded flex screen).

The possible missing link:
With more research on Screens I found out that the old projector screens (yes many of which are in store rooms of School district offices have plenty of these, BUT then stumbled on a video of someone making their OWN high quality projections screen with a gallon of paint ($20) some sheets of thin plywood (smooth) ($40) and a bag of sandblasting media (glassbeads) ($30). This can be painted on solid plywood as the video suggests OR can be painted on sheet of canvas (or cheap painters drop cloth, smooth but fabric (not burlap or heavy textured).

This has worked wonderfully for me (in that my wall is 2x 4'x8' plywood sheets) so final screen size is 8 feet by 8 feet for less that $100. I later made a portable cloth screen and its worked fine too. (9x12 size)


Dan :D
I sold a bunch of 1M wide cloth from China earlier this year.. I still have a 12'X12' screen and the LED' things.. though I dont use it, I find that I need something that I can do full body with, and the fabric I have does not work at much of an angle.. Im curious if the beaded paint solution can work for full body (floor and wall) ??
I would think that an air compressor spraying across the top of a bottle of that sand blasting compound would act like an atomizer. That should allow you to throw it at the wall from enough distance to let it embed without distorting the paint from the air.
Responding to Green Screen Backdrop

Hi everyone,

I just saw a post (sorry, can't remember the author) talking about the green backdrop price.

I'd like to share what I got for my green screen ...

Source: Ikea (HK branch)
Material: Shower curtain
Size: 180 cm x 200 cm (per piece)
Cost: HKD $10 each (original price HKD $19.99)
Quantity: I bought 12 of them but only used 2




this is my testing effect (link below); I keyed myself on top of the Excel tutorial ...

This forum has a lot of valuable information. As a newbie in this area, I find it very helpful...

Anyway, hope it helps...
I have been following the forum and I'm really interested in building my own chroma key.
I need to buy the 3M 8910 or similar background.
What background do you recommend and where I can buy?

I´ve already bought
Qty Product/Options Price/Ea
1 AEx-x: LED Angel Eye Headlight Accent Lights AE80-G24: 80mm Diameter Green $9.95
1 AEx-x: LED Angel Eye Headlight Accent Lights AE80-B24: 80mm Diameter Blue $9.95
1 MLD-5A: MLD-5A 12 Volt DC Single Color LED Mini Dimmer with Dynamic Modes MLD-5A: Mini LED Dimmer $6.95
SubTotal: $26.85
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $11.55
TOTAL: $38.40

Can I make a cut like this video? Http://

from Argentina
You example is very doable with any green screen tech. Getting a good key on standards green screen fabric is just about good lighting and separation. The chroma ring system makes it somewhat easier, but has some limitations that normal greenscreen doesn't. My primary reason for not playing with it much anymore is the inability to do cyclorama , full head to toe green screen. After a certain angle, the retro-reflective fabric fails to reflect the light thereby making a full head to do shot impossible. For TV style shots like the example, it is best.
To close this thread, or at least provide the info I have on the fabric..

I bought this stuff.. cheep per yard! but you have to order 20M or more.. worked great, 20X1M I sewed three lengths together on the long edge, no problem with the seems if you do it right. ... 20 square meters is a LOT of screen.

My contact in china was:
Felix Lee
name:WuYi RuiFeng reflective industrial co,ltd
address: No,8.xingda one road,yongkang city,zhejiang province,china.
Any idea if this will work in bright light? Or will you need a huge bank of LEDs?

edit: Ugh, I just realized there are 11 pages, from a 2 year old thread. I'm sure my question was answered somewhere in there.
works fine in bright noo time daylight.. I did some test.. outdoor even from a pretty good distance it works fine..

If another light is behind you on the same exact axis as the ring light, then you will have problems, easy to control, but its a good thing to keep in mind. What fabric? hum, I dont know.. I thought it was the ordinary grey, but maybe not... sorry
Nothing like reviving a year and a half old thread to post spam. :D

But, since we're here.. what ever came of this experiment Wheat? Are you using it on any sort of regular basis, or have you abandoned it? (I'm too lazy to read through the previous 10 pages)