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Dirty Cop Movie, starring Kevin Gage (Waingro from Heat)

Hi all. We got a new film in post-production and are trying to get it completed, so we're doing the usual thing and trying a campaign. Our last film is hitting theatres soon and DVD/VOD, so we do make that effort to get our stuff seen. This one stars Kevin Gage of Heat, GI Jane, Blow, etc., and adult superstar Joanna Angel. If you're interested in donating a tiny amount for a producer credit please check out the details and a trailer at the campaign and thanks a bunch!

IMDB page for film
Director's IMDB Page
I'm not really sure credits of any type on IMDb are 'worth' much, unless it's for a well known film.

But that's not really the point of a crowdfunding effort like this, you shouldn't look at it as buying an imdb credit - you're supporting a fellow filmmaker and/or a project that excites you.
Ernest - Since the film is already shot and in post-production this campaign isn't to get the film made but simply to help the rest of it go more smoothly (i.e. money for festivals, paying off things we spent while shooting, PR material, etc). So, even if it's not successful, we still have the film in the can. This campaign merely helps. And we've had a few going, so if we keep having campaigns we might be successful if having combined all of them together.

rayw/Zensteve - Thanks!

LasVegasIRA - All depends on the person, though I wouldn't think of it as paying for IMDB credit. It's donating for the Producer credit in the movie, which just so happens to get you listed on IMDB. But IMO it's more about if you believe in the film/project, and have the money to spare.
I know if I saw a film and thought it looked good and had 300 bucks to spare then I sure would love to see my name in it. And if you're also looking to build your resume. For instance, our last film we offered the same thing, now it's getting a small theatrical release, then VOD and through another distributor DVD. So those people can now say, "I produced a film coming to theatres and Video, etc." So, if you're trying to build your resume, that can sure look good as well.