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watch Demo Reel

That's awesome. I LOVE the stop motion "cut out"-that was fantastic!

I love demo-reels like this, pieces of different things, and wondering what the "full" versions of the films are.

Great job!
Yeah, I like the pacing and being able to take in the images and shots. There's a lot to look at and enjoy, but I'm not overwhelmed with manic editing. Kudos, Frank.
MANY thanks, guys! I really appreciate each of you taking the time to watch the video.

Flicker Pictures: I'm using a Canon 7D. My most commonly-used lens is a Sigma 30mm/f1.4. Other than that I use the kit lens and a handful of old M42-mount lenses.
You've got real talent, sir.

I doff my hat to you and encourage you to do more in the vein of your short animation (is it called Curiosity?)..
Thanks, Nick! :) Yeah, the clips of the paper guy were from "Curiosity" (a REALLY short short film. LOL!)

The clip with the animated bug on the limb was a camera-matching experiment.