news Dave Chappelle Mocks Kanye and Trump, Steers Clear of Transgender Controversy in ‘SNL’ Return

In what has essentially become a biannual tradition, Dave Chappelle returned to “Saturday Night Live” to host its post-election episode. The comedian previously hosted the show on the Saturdays after the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, making headlines for his lengthy monologues that saw him begging people to calm down about politics.

While one could probably make the case that American politics have gotten slightly less toxic without Donald Trump running for office (at least currently), Chappelle remains as divisive as ever. The comedian has become a culture war lightning rod in recent years for a series of Netflix specials that featured jokes about the transgender community that many flagged as transphobic. Chappelle devoted the majority of his most recent special, “The Closer,” to refuting those claims and attempting to add nuance, but it did little to convince the people who accuse him of perpetuating harmful tropes.

But anyone hoping that the controversy-courting comedian would wade back into the cancel culture discourse on Saturday was bound to be disappointed by the monologue, as Chappelle steered clear of the transgender jokes that have come to define his public persona in recent years. Instead, he largely stuck to current events, beginning by skewering Kanye West for his antisemitic remarks and refusal to make seemingly obvious PR fixes.

“Before I start tonight, I wanted to read a brief statement that I prepared: I renounce antisemitism in all its forms, and stand with my friends in the Jewish community,” he said. “And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time.”

He also discussed the midterm elections, calling Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker “observably stupid” and expressing doubt that Republican voters will move on from Donald Trump after many of the former president’s chosen candidates lost their elections on Tuesday. He attributed Trump’s popularity to the fact that he’s “an honest liar,” and Chappelle cited his experience living in rural Ohio “with the poor white people” as evidence of his credibility on the subject.

While many were relieved to see that Chappelle was no longer fixating on trans people, not everyone was satisfied with the monologue. Several prominent cultural commenters were offended by the performance, expressing concern about how casually he laughed off the recent surge of anti-semitism.

That Dave Chappelle SNL monologue probably did more to normalize anti-Semitism than anything Kanye said

— Adam Feldman (@FeldmanAdam) November 13, 2022

You can watch Chappelle’s entire monologue below:


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Wow a fifteen minute set

also - when its NEWS that you didnt talk about transgender people, it's definitely time to change up your comedy material lol

"If they're black is a GANG, if they're italian its a MOB, if they're jewish.. its a coincidence and you shouldn't talk about it"
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I think if you offered indiewire a million dollars to shut up about how offended they are by every fire hydrant and telephone pole they pass on the way to work, they would loose the money before they got the key in the ignition.

Look in the mirror. You make your living heresy hunting for your self righteous hate group. Go study the history of hate groups, and you'll find that they all operate on this exact template. Righteous heroes stopping evil by labelling everyone outside their group as enemies, and construing every action by anyone who doesn't agree with you as an attack on your holy principles. I grew up with religious fanatics, I know what they look like. I know how they think. You're just more of the same. Gay people in the 80s were just walking around minding their own business, and all the people at my parents church held meetings 3 times a week to talk about how anybody that liked Elton John was a "toxic threat to the good people" Then they would send money to James Dobson so he could attack anyone who was gay. You just do that with straight white people, or anyone who doesn't quote your manufactured phrases, because you lack the pattern recognition intelligence to understand your own shallow thinking. If you're thinking, but it's different, because they are the bad guys, remember, all those other hate groups thought the exact same thing about the people they hated. I don't want to blow your mind here, but the answer is just to stop hating and intentionally dividing PEOPLE in general, and use common sense, fairness, and compassion when dealing with others. It's just not that hard.

I don't think Dave Chappelle has a single hateful bone in his body. Your title says he intentionally avoided offending anyone, which is more than any comedian should feel obligated to do, and yet there it is at the end, you tag teamed in your buddy to call him a "bigger racist than Kanye" The itch is so strong that you simply can't make it through one article without calling someone racist or sexist.

You think Jewish people are that weak? That some light harmless joke will blow them away like leaves in the wind? They were probably all laughing and enjoying the monologue while you were dissecting every word to try and find a way to justify attacking someone. Jewish people are great, Dave Chappelle is great, and heresy hunters are a blight on society.

Can't wait to read your next article about how Stuart Little should be taken off the shelves because none of the mice were Asian. Or of course if it did have an Asian mouse in it, you would also call that racist. Read up on inquisition tactics and trial by fire, and then try to understand that your logic is identical to that of religious zealots all through the ages.

Try and understand this article indiewire. This is about you.

If you do want to attack a racist, at least attack a real one. You can find David Dukes email address online. He's the guy keeping the KKK alive in America now. If you want to write 70 articles bashing him, I'll cheer you on.
I think 100 years from now, people will look back at social media engagement algorithms as one of the most damaging things in our current society.

I understand "if it bleeds it leads" but the rampant pace and tug of war between a million media outlets is going to make everyone crazy. Sorry, has already made everyone crazy.

This stuff just makes me annoyed, because I don't think they are sincere about helping anyone, and it's just become another ingroup outgroup dynamic like all the ones before that caused these problems in the first place
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well then pour yourself a drink, sit back and relax because facebook and twitter are both imploding before our eyes 😄