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watch Crowfunding Video

Ok guys...I'm going to attempt crowdfunding for a very funny stoner comedy called Pterodactyl Surprise. I think the amount is low enough not to be offensive. I've never done the crowdfunding before and decided to try it without doing any crazy research. Take a look at our campaign and let me know what you guys think. Especially let me know what you think about the video. Worried it may be a bit long:

This is definitely a different campaign than I've seen before.

I liked it. The video is probably a little bit too long, you could certainly shave something from the bit with the dinosaur (the playground coda is the funniest part).

The main problem I have with the campaign is the 'Flexible Funding' strategy on IGG which I really don't like. But that's your choice and I'm sure you'll do well :)
Funny stuff! I would maybe consider editing that video to make it a bit shorter and in more of a trailer format. I think you could get your style across with a few sections of your dialogue. A bit more of a narrative might help, something like "help two mellowed-out besties pursue their lifelong dream.......of killing a dinosaur!" Whatever you do, keep your style intact. Seems like a good one.
Very fun and funny! Maybe tighten it up a bit, have the camera turn off and on to simulate cuts, time passing? I'll be surprised if you didn't make your goal! Nice work. :)
hey guys thanks for the responses and feedback... more is always welcome. Glad you liked it crackerfunk!

We've gotten a few donations so far...general consensus seems the same. Was thinking about breaking the video into 3 videos and having the main video be the dinosaur stuff then separate the other 2.
Donated what I could (Uni student)

Good luck I really hope you hit your target because I'd love to see this!

How does it work? Do we get notified if/when it's made?
I plan to send everyone who donated a private password link when its complete so you can watch it and don't worry I'm going to make it regardless. The closer to the funding goal we get obviously the better we can make it, but I'm adamant that this will happen. Its my baby.

ZenSteve! Thanks man, I definitely plan to put it in my reel. Believe it or not we filmed edited and rendered those dinosaurs all in one week. The stuff that you guys are seeing now is ALL improvised. We had a shell of an idea of what we wanted for the campaign video and just made it. The script is even funnier.
I think you guys have a lot of talent and the video looks great! Can't wait to see the final product. I think (in my opinion) your perks are very lacking and do not entice me to donate (not from a filmmaker stand point but from a casual pledger).

Good luck with getting the rest of your budget!!
Ahh now we're talking DeJager....what perks would you like to see on there? This is where I completely feel like I was unsure of what to offer.
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We've got funds trickling in! Anyone else feel the way DeJager did about the perks? Any suggestions for ones that haven't already been claimed (we can change them if they haven't yet been claimed and I'm completely open to this.
funny stuff man. I wanna see more. I'll be donating once I get paid on Friday. Oh wait. I got bills to pay this Friday.

Next Friday, definitely.

Hey guys...update. so we're at like 10% funded and I had been getting emails from people saying they couldn't donate because there was no donate button on indiegogo. Checked it out and the buttons went away on my page. I contacted indiegogo, heard nothing, and today its back up. I have no idea how long it was down though.

Let's get this campaign moving again!

To answer your earlier question, I don't care about perks. I make (humble) donations to the projects that I want to see completed.