cameras CP-16R

I actually owned one back in the '70s when I was working for ABC News, but for the life of me I can't remember what it cost. I absolutely LOVED that camera (which replaced my Auricon), and I was sad when we switched to video cameras around 1976-77. I shot my last project with it, a documentary on motorcycles, in 1994. We barely got it done because Kodak stopped making mag stripe film (sound-on-film). We literally bought all of their last remaining film stock from their New York warehouse...100ft rolls. We were normally shooting 7240 and 7250 (VNF Reversal,film) in 400ft rolls. Compared to the cost of video cameras of that era, CP-16s were pretty cheap. I'd be surprised if the camera and zoom lens cost more that $15,000. (An Ikegami video camera was about $65,000). The film was about $35 a roll, then you had to pay for processing. You could shoot 12 minutes of material on a 400ft roll.
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I owned a CP-16R in the late '80's. Got it for $500.

I have a CP price list from late '70's. The R lists for $8,100. Lens is $3,500.
Add the needed accessories and $15,000 all in is about right.
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