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budget Covid budgets


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I looked at the rules and decided not to hire sag actors for my next film, it was too much expense.
ultra low budget does not exist under those guidelines.
FYI I am not that level up to decide on my projects

but I’m being asked by 1 filmmaker to disregard guilds Covid since we aren’t guild - Ok that’s easy and then to go get XYZ A-listed SAG members who feel masks and rules is crap ... umm 🤔... okay, but umm... 😶
i do know and you might be surprised to see how much decent crew but the crew is going to step one, it’s the Alist SAG and lack of escrows funded to secure attached Alist that concerns me the most

any idea what I can do to mitigate naive expectations vs real world?

**i don’t think any producer’s package like I described above is even likely to attach a coproduction company 😩