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score Composers, What music are you working on?

So many people here are aspiring film composers, and though I'm mainly a director, I actually compose myself. I thought there should be a thread where we could all post what we were working on. Finished pieces that you want feedback on, works in progress, whatever, let's just do a format where we post a sample of whatever we're working on now, and a bit of information about it.
a couple of old pieces I put together for a game which the creators said was ultimately "too intense" for their horror game. I haven't been able to find a home for them as of yet, but I'm just curious what everyone thinks of them. Thanks!
Loop 8 seems a little bit "in your face" to be background for gameplay. I would have to see what's going on. If a bunch of creatures started coming through the walls, it's appropriate.

Loop 7 is very good. I don't know why they wouldn't use that, unless this game is aimed at young kids. They might want something more kid friendly, conveying more of a GOOSE BUMPS feel.
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Hi Nate North,

I am not sure if by "music" you mean also songs, but for me as songwriter, i finished writing the first drafts for two upcoming songs

1- "We are the ignored", a song about the working class of the society
2- "A proper finale", a song of person who takes advantage of his "suicidal urges", to become a boost to live his life to the fullest