Colour with Stu Maschwitz

I wish i'd have known not to edit colour in an NLE though!
Didn't tell me that did you Stu!

Although i do very much appreciate the stuff you did teach me :)
I too remember watching that when it was first posted several months ago. I hadn't noticed that color scheme before, but ever since then I see it EVERYWHERE.

In fact, I've taken to yelling, "Orange and teal!" every time I see something colored that way. My family thinks I've gone nuts -- which may not be too far off the mark. :D

(p.s. - NOT in theaters, though, in case you're wanting to smack me upside the head)
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Great demo! Watching now. Although I have none of these apps at my disposal, good to get a behind the scenes of color theory in practice.
You can absolutely do this stuff in anything with a standard 3-way type of color corrector... and by modifying the Zone system when shooting:
(these are from the search box up top with "color corrector" as my search -- without the quotes)
and this from DJTV at digital juice - back when they did shows, not just tutorials to sell their products: