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Can I claim a cinematography credit?

My DOP has signed the DOP contract and I am the director, however 80% of all shots and lighting were my decision. He helped assist lighting and shot a lot on B-cam but the 'look' of the film is mine therefore I feel like I should claim credit for it with him. So both of us get Cinematography credit. Can I do this even though he is signed as Director of photography?

I'm paraphrasing (a LOT) here... in 2011 a British wildlife photographer set up a DSLR camera and hoped that curious Celebes crested macaques would take selfies. They did, and PETA immediately sued, insisting that since the monkeys actually took the pictures, the copyright belonged solely to them and not the nature photographer. Fast forward past lawsuits, counter suits, "Friends of the court" motions, and the United States Copyright Office decided that works created by a non-human, (such as a photograph taken by a monkey) are not copyrightable. The credit goes to the HUMAN WHO TOOK THE PHOTO, or in this case, the person who owned and set up the equipment. Just because the director designed the "shots and lighting" means nothing... THAT'S THE DIRECTORS JOB! You tell the DP what "feel" you're trying to capture, and the DP (usually) discusses it with the gaffer and they pick whatever lighting best fits the mood. Are you also going to claim Catering credits because you recommended Crafty buy jelly donuts?
It's kinda fun to look at a 10 YEAR OLD post.

I wonder what credit dr stilly took. I wonder if this movie ever saw
the light of day. I wonder how many movies dr stilly has made in the
ten years since asking these questions.