Cameo service

According to the New York Times, there's an online service called "Cameo" that allows minor celebrities to make short videos for a fee.

Cameo is blowing up in this strange season because “every celebrity is really a gig economy worker,” says Steven Galanis, the company’s chief executive. They’re stuck at home, bored and sometimes hard up for cash as performances, productions and sporting events dry up. The company’s weekly bookings have grown to 70,000 from about 9,000 in early January, it says, and Mr. Galanis said he anticipated bringing in more than $100 million in bookings this year, of which the company keeps 25 percent. The company expects to sell its millionth video this week.

The article also notes that the money is probably gig money, and the service, like so many other online videos, won't be shaking up the established giants. The online service, like Youtube, can be a good way to express a creative vision, but it won't be a way to turn an aspiring mogul to a real one.
i cant imagine paying for this for myself...

seems like something people would do as gifts.
instead of posting a generic happy birthday on a facebook wall you can post a celebrity saying happy birthday to the person instead. seems thoughtful.