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Bottom rate for actors

What is the very low end of the spectrum that people are paying actors in LA? I'm shooting a short for YouTube mainly. Need an "expert" to do just a few lines. Half a page maybe. Shooting at a park near the talent or where ever is convenient for them. Auditioning by email. So it would be very easy for the talent.
SAG actors on a no budget production get $100 a day I think... seems like a lot of hoops to jump through when you can just use a non union actor who may even defer payment or exchange time for a demo reel


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$100 a day is for a full days work. If you only need 2 hours then instead of offering $100 a day try offering them $20 an hour.
It's not SAG but ... plus food. maybe gas expenses.

sometimes its nice to have most of a day free but still feel like you accomplished something.
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