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watch Bloody Hell - Best Score


Here you go folks,

Experience the Whorror... I mean Horror...


Direct Link: http://www.superguncinema.com/movies/BloodyHell2FINAL.mov

(If popular demand requests a WMV version, I might cook one up...)

Bloody Hell

Starring: Amanda Duncan, Denis Logan, Paul Wishart, Dan Peters
Director, Editor, Writer, Producer: D. Logan
Original Score by: "Llirik" (Kirill Kripak)
DoP/Ass. Director: Kirill Kripak
Sound Recording/Mixing: Kevin Dunlop
Camera Ops: Kirill Kripak, Denis Logan, Kevin Dunlop, Olga Kristman, Paul Wishart, Amanda Duncan
Make-up and Costumes: Vanessa Lee Wishart
PA's: Olga Kristman, Paul Wishart, Dan Peters
Gaffers: Paul W., Dan Peters
Poofters: J. P. Dilligantigous
Location Manager: Paul Wishart
Catering by Cinema Spatula & Vanessa and Paul Wishart.
Amazing person: Denis Logan
Credits by: Denis Logan

Equipment provided by: Supergun Cinema, Scope-Films
Additonal Equipment rented from: Vistek

Thanks to the team on this project, for really pitching in thier time, effort, and help. Especially so, considering we shot on Thanksgiving (in Canada, we do it early, because we're hungry and less patient).

Some production notes:

-Shot on two cameras, one being the almighty DVX-100a, and the other the Sony TRV-25. Incidentally, while the DVX100a is my favorite 3CCD camera, the Sony TRV is an amazing little 1CCD. See if you can figure out which scenes were shot with what...

-In the bar sequence, the arm in the foreground is a dummy wearing my jacket! We have so much in common!

-An entire bucket of corn syrup blood was poured on my head and my eyes were unable to open for the last few lines without much great pain.

-The song in the bar sequence is Kevin Dunlop's own "DDT"
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That was really well done!

I particularly liked the use of lighting. Background music & sounds blended together very well. Acting was very good... and Amanda, too!

I'll add a bit more in the critique department in the morn, but dang! Great little flick, and certainly a wild change from what you came up with last time. :cool:

Boz Uriel

See if you can figure out which scenes were shot with what
Yikes, tough job doing that. Did you color correct in post? I'm amazed.

Nice movie Spatula. :cool: It's getting harder and harder to imagine you NOT covered in corn syrup. :lol:


See if you can figure out which scenes were shot with what...
Er, the red sequences were shot with a really bloody camera?

WOW! The two hour download was worth it. The formal aspects of the piece were great, premise and narrative were very nice
great couple of twists
, edit/pacing almost sterling, sound track worked very well and the acting was very good. You seem to have a knack for this em, thing called 'cinema'.

My one and only complaint....

I liked the self-mutilation at the end, but the killer's last gesture of cutting his own neck, a little cheesy...


Thanks guys!

@ Zen = Yeah, I figured it'd be a bit of a branch from Perfect Sandwich. I was also testing out a couple ideas with this short which I will be incorporating into another script I'm writing..

@ Boz- Minor color correction... aka- adjusting the RGB levels.. nothing special ;p

@ Bird- Thank you! And I totally agree with you on the ending... we had to revise and revise so many times.. there were 3 other actors lined up for that part, and all of them had emergencies... Dan managed to come in at the last minute, and we had t scrap all the previous lines and make up a new ending on the spot.

@ Terr- thanks man- I think a little TOO much... probably should have came up with a more simple idea.. mah!


Good job, I especially liked the fact that you managed to complete a full story with a beginning, middle and an end- complete with character motivation.
for what it's worth, I thought the lighting in the bar(?) scene was a bit too harsh, and the lighting on the exterior shots (murder scene) was a bit too low- although, I know from personal experiance that this may be a by product of compression.
anyway, you got my vote.


Thank ye winter!

The exterior murder scene actually had no lights, except the one on the wall- we couldn't set up there, because it was 2am and we were surrounded by sleeping windows... made the best we could though..

As for the bar stuff- well, that's the same room as the rest of the bloody stuff... we were suppoed to get a rather peculiar "Boiler-room-looking" bar, but the location couldn't be secured last-minute, so we had to shemp it a bit... thanks for the critiques though... I'm still working on my compressing/editing skills- these challenges are great learning processes.


Hey Spatula--

Nice work on this! I see some of the "Orange Crush" influence here. A few standout qualities are:
Lighting: I thought the lighting for the outdoor scene when the two leads are talking was excellent. Nice highlight and shadow work!

Music: The score fit well with the movie, which is difficult considering how quickly your visuals jump from scene to scene.

Acting: Again, well done all around.

I would agree that the outdoor scene near the end
(outside the bar)
was a bit dark, but that also made it a bit interesting, forcing me to use my imagination and fill in the blanks.

Great job overall. An excellent entry!


Good film.

Packaged a lot of plot into five minutes and with coherence. It fit together extremely well. The use of non-linearity was well handled.

Some good camera movement. Really impressed with the last shot as
he slashed his neck and slid. The camera seemed to follow him into his descent into hell.

Music was also good. Definately contributed to if not enhanced the feeling of the film.
Bloody Hell, Indeed! I really enjoyed watching this one. It's probably the longest 5-minute movie here (in a good way) due to so many different aspects/nonlinearity/locations... I guess I'm just agreeing with all the posts that reference how you crammed A LOT into this short movie while keeping it concise, coherent, and entertaining. Pacing, lighting, angles, and sound... no complaints from me, but I'm not really a complainer anyway... I think it was great. Excellent use of 80's New Wave just before the halfway point! Way to embrace your roots. Can I get a copy of the song? Oh right... I also like the actors' perforamnces. (Yours too, Spatch!) Take care.
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I was very happy to see this movie, and one of the reasons to be on this board, for me, is to gain knowledge from other people. I wanted to add a tint to my movie during one of the sequences and couldn't get it right. You have this down and it adds so much the final product.

The self mutilation at the end was fantastic! Great movie overall!


First.. great acting! Not just because you're a goof in real life ;) . I really thought everyone was very believable. That is quite an achievement. In Macbeth 3000 and Perfect Sandwich you are funny as hell. Here you are scary! You guys pulled it off well. (or maybe it's just the smoking that makes you look cooler and more sophisticated ;))

Besides that, you told the story (which is well rounded and complete) very well. You got away with the flashbacks. Flashbacks usually smack me in the face. Here they flow smoothly. Nice touch with the "red fill frame" cuts also.

Really liked the music.

That's a big ass "knife" btw.

Now for some randomness...any idea what causes those lines that appear at 18 seconds?

Great job man!


Revamped Bloody Hell


A .wmv version of Bloody Hell with the latest in tweaking. See if you can spot the changes...


It's so 2005. Just kidding. I don't have a clear grasp on the story, unlike everyone else. But I'm dense. Is it simply that
he's killing her ex-boyfriends and any guy who shows interest in her?
If that's the case, then I guess I'm on the right page. And it doesn't suffer much for having been shot in SD, either, does it?

Nicely done!