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I've recently posted a crowdfunding campaign, and I have had a lot of assistance from friends and family members. But almost no hits from people who I have no relation to. I remember the common theme around crowdfuding was to pull on your friends and family for help, but I always feel so slimey doing that, especially after multiple campaigns.

I'm wondering if its because of my prizes or possibly my pitch content that may be hurting us rather than helping us. It's still early into the campaign, but I would love to get some active feedback from the community here on what strategies or things I can use in the future.

Please check it out, and let me know geniunly what you think of it. Is it the shipping fees? The cost of items? Some things I can adjust (things that haven't been purchased yet), so any feedback would be extremely helpful.
thanks for the feedback. we've got more funds on the way hopefully, but I guess its the networking that counts overall for these things?
Pretty much.

It’s really rare to see successful crowdfunding on an indie film. What do you have that the random passerby will see as value for investing? Crowdfunding success stories typically come from products that the people investing will get to use in the end. Contributor rewards on the upper levels usually include early shipment of the finished product.

But for film? Name in the credits (whether special thanks or “producer”) doesn’t offer much reward, really. A copy of the film also holds no real value, which also applies to merch (posters, t-shirts, etc.). Zoom chats with the cast may seem enticing, but unless you have some notable people in the cast it’s really just a bunch of random strangers. And the ocean of indie shorts and features that are all trying to get people to put up some money… there’s just not much for any one of those projects to cut through the noise. The only people who have any vested interest in are among the people you know.
Constructive criticism: The audio is really hard on the ears because you tried to make it old timey but it sounds like bad audio, and I'd much have it crisp with the "old album pops" instead of distorted and muffled with the pops.

Having a catchy and listenable pitch for social and not having someone drop off after a few seconds matters too. I think you need a really short jazzy teaser. Maybe even over the top like an infomercial. Have fun with it.
IDK anything about this dude but I see him advertise on facebook a lot
Here is a copy/paste of his ad

What if there was a way to crowdfund a project WITHOUT humiliating yourself or begging friends and family?

Believe it or not, filmmakers really DON'T have to send out a bunch of BCC "hey friends" emails or tell people to skip their coffee and give them 5 bucks!

There's a better way, I promise!
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