software Best video editing software that won't break the bank?

I definitely prefer Adobe Premiere Pro.

DaVinci Resolve Free has an inhibitor in that it does everything CPU render and not GPU enhanced. The "pro" version of the software will use your graphics card for rendering.

Ow...there are many more restrictions. You need a Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K to have a second screen. Also in the free version of Resolve will not play some of the pro camera footage like the FS7 and FS5. I also think the free version has problems with the RED cameras.

I think the price of Pro Resolve is smaller than one year of premaire .... It costed me 256,- euro Premaire wil cost 29,99 a month so x 12 = 359,88 and the next year 359,88 and the next.... Resolve Pro and al the future Resolves will free to upgrade to the next lvl as long as Blackmagic will be in business.
I've been playing with Lightworks. It runs fine on my 2010 iMac and it hasn't felt too restrictive running the free version so if you don't have the budget to upgrade to a newer computer and pay for something like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, maybe give that a try.
A lot of people hate the fact that Adobe switched to a subscription service but I love it. I’m not proud of this but let’s just say there was a time in my life when I’d say “yarrr, ahoy matey”, if you catch my drift. I don’t do that any more. 20 bucks a month is very affordable.


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I do the same and I love it. Pro Tip: If you want the whole suite you can catch a Black Friday deal or even call and ask for a promo price like with cable companies. :D
What do you all think of Hit-film Pro? I am thinking of getting it as I do compositing as well as editing, and I really cant justify Adobes BS subscription based system! Add to that the fact that they are actively pushing out people that have purchased their software in the past makes me feel that adobe is less than ethical!
HitFilm express works wonders for me, especially considering it's free. I can't even begin to imagine what Hitfilm Pro can do! Yes, it's a good choice! (probably)