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Beneath the Full Moon

As young Alex amuses himself with a simple novelty he finds in a magazine, he unwittingly unleashes horrors upon his entire family.

Watch as the terror unfolds before your very eyes.
Thrill to the spine tingling special effects.
29 minutes of hair raising sights and sound.

Beneath the Full Moon. Evil growns and then you die!

Warning! not recommended for pregnant women or people with a heart condition.

I made this film with my family in 2002. We shot it over the course of 6 weeks, after school, after work, and sometimes in the middle of the night. This is my first completed short! It was available on Amazon but they took it off after a couple of years. I think it was because it was too scary.
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I like that idea but to be honest, I was not consciously trying for anything more than a fun little horror movie. It was fun making it with my family. Looking at it now, over 20 years later, I think it's too slow and the soundtrack is terrible. My wife was a good sport about the whole thing. She didn't complain when I painted one of the walls in the living room green to be used as a green screen.. You can see that wall in the movie :) The wall stayed green for almost 6 months after shooting before I finally repainted the room. I gave out 10 copies of the dvd to members of IndieClub. I sold 1 copy on Ebay. I sold one copy on Amazon Prime video, and I earned about 19 cents from people who watched it on Amazon. I guess you could say I made a profit since I made it for free, but if you affix a value to the time spent making it, nah, I'm still about $10,000 in the hole.
Fog machines are a great purchase for horror filmmakers, you can get some pretty epic ones now for a few hundred. I was looking at buying one a few years back that will fog a forest in 3 minutes. The main issue with the big ones is that they draw a lot of power, and can knock out circuit breakers if you're out in the field trying to run multiple things off of an extension. The nice thing about fog machines is that you don't really get a lot of complaints and pushback from people. You can fog a city block, and people will come out and ask what you're doing, but nobody really calls the cops over a fog.