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watch Beautiful Hand-Drawn Animation

facebook.com/octopus film

Took me two and a half years for two and a half minutes. I'll say no more than this..so far, three people have told me they cried watching it.
no. odd. its only a link from facebook to vimeo anyway.


but if you like it, add me as a friend on fb, if your on it. i have animatics, and storyboards, as well as a campaign to get it seen by 20,000 people...i heard once 20 000 join a page it grows exponentially! so add me @ Joshua Squashua ... theres only one! but let me know ur from indietalk
Wow! This is a great little piece, and indeed, beautiful. Congrats on this work. I hope you're entering it in as many festivals as you can. I'm gonna go on record as saying whatever trajectory you need to take to get this in front of an Oscar animated short panel, do it.

Couple suggestions:
I think the opening pan/zoom into house could be continued during the transition to inside. Some of the frames you repeated for the closeup of bird and woman's face at end might flow better with more varied frames. I don't think it would be too much more work to draw out 5-10 frames for each.
Thankyou both very much. Indeed, that is one hell of a compliment!

I have only just finished it. I've looked into a couple of festivals, but the submission requirements all seem to require a 35mm reel...whatever that is. It all seems so expensive...I'd love to go to these festivals, but how am i going to afford it? So...I figure 20,0 00 views on facebook might be a good start to getting some publicity. Let the whores come to me! So, please guys...if you watch this film and like it, there's a facebook event id LOVE you to join.


i dont want to show my work to just animation geeks at festivals. They'll criticize the poor boils, like i would, and point out the things only animators notice, like i do. ! Thats why im hoping through the internet, this film could reach a much wider audience, of actual normal people..to whom just maybe some might be touched by my film. So join my event! help me get up to 20,000!
thankyou all! basically im clueless as to the best way to promote this..i need help! any advice?

Okay, here's the thing, if you're going to enter festivals, why not enter one of the *accredited* competitions? If you were to win 'best of category' in one of the festivals listed here: http://www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/rules/shortsfestivals.html you'd be Oscar eligible (still have to pass judging criteria, but you'd be eligible for that consideration). I think for an animated short, it's a viable option towards getting exposure for your work.

It might be easier for us to make suggestions if you could tell us what your goals are. It's sort of a conundrum suggesting avenues based on one short, other than the festival route. Is your goal to work for a studio on features, etc? Does your county/country offer any artist fellowships for animators?
hello! thankyou all for your nice comments... yes, i am in the process of submitting films to festivals, but its a long slog. really, my only goal is to get my film seen by as many as possible. so anything that give my piece coverage really! perhaps i could find some online sites that might be intereested to feature my work.
hey, that was indeed very great! I'm an animator myself, although after six years, I'm just now getting into the traditional method of animating on paper [tablet and computer can't measure up]. this inspires me. fantastic job.
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