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watch Batman inspired 5 minute short film, Wayne (2009)

Went with the 1930s bat ears, nice pick. The audio seemed to be a big off, not out of sych or snowy, I can't place my finger on it. Solid cam work, decent action. Keep up the work.
That was nice. Real nice. Great camera work, great lighting...well acted.

I like it a lot. I'd have to see what you have going on for the action/fighting bits...I mean, it IS a Batman flick...

I'm impressed. What was it shot with? Is there a website to the pro company?

Yeah, really nice work on the colors and lighting. I really liked the way the smoke shows through in the opening sequence. That dragged me into watching the whole thing.
Really nice job on the whole thing.
Damn. I just watched that for the third time...can't get enough. The atmosphere...the lighting...the acting. Woo wee.

Puh-leeease hire me for your next picture, or the feature-length of WAYNE. I'm you're man. I'd love to act in this. I'll carry gear, I'll run boom...bounce...you name it.

Tell Andy I want this! :) Good stuff. Good stuff.
Very good stuff. Kept me interested!
My only crit would be the ending (visually, not story wise), felt weaker compared to rest. Most of the scenes looked really good so I was expecting more epic shot at the end or maybe it just feels too digital the last shot.
Good job anyhow.
With everyone else, I thought this was amazing... aaaand I feel a little like a b*tch for bring this up, but if you do expand this into a longer project or web series be careful about copyright infringement.