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  • Hi there! good for you just starting out and into a feature already! I've been working in the Toronto animation industry for about 4 years, coordinating series for popular broadcasters like Teletoon and Comedy Network. prior to that I started out PA'ing and admin assisting on commercials and music videos at various production companies. I have almost nothing to show for projects of my own, outside school anyway, which isn't much since I didnt' actually go to film school, haha. So, I'm hoping this film will become a producer-debut project for me, but its kind of ambitious, so we'll see how it goes... We're currently conducting a workshop to bring some life to some scenes, working towards a script revision. I hope to get some success in distribution and initial development funding, but of course, this is the hard part (err... one of many hard parts).
    I actually don't know if you are indeed a lady in film.. I just assumed from the posting in the 'women..' thread. my bad, for assuming!
    Hi H.Z.
    Glad to know you're interested in Shatner! .. We are working on a film involving him. ... more on that later when I have more info to post :) I'm new in the forum, and don't have my info up yet..How's it going, being a lady in film.. what do you do? Are you just starting out, or been at it for years? Cheers - Courtney from Toronto
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