Award winning & globally acclaimed screenwriter here! Searching for a director/partner!

Hello! My name is Michael Beard. This is my first post at Indietalk. Thank you for having me and it's great to (digitally) meet all of you.

My manager/representation has been getting me re-write gigs. Which is a blessing and I am forever grateful. But, it's time to make a movie.

Problem is, I do not direct. I've tried to direct a few short films and, not only am I not that good, I simply do not enjoy it as much.

If anyone is interested or even willing to participate in a conversation, feel free to reach out.


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Welcome, Michael. If you're looking for like-minded people to have a conversation with, pick any corner on Melrose (my favorite street in LA) and toss a stick... you'll hit 10 people ready and willing. The problem is getting them to shut up after.

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Judging from your message title, I must have found the wrong imdb page. Can you link us to the correct one?

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