I need some info on holding audtions. I really dont know much at all about them. This will be my first time holding auditions and i had a few questions. Im backed up on my schedule already to start production on my film. we were hoping to have auditions this week or next week, but the place seems to be busy and we never ended up getting an answer. I was hoping for production to start in late july or early august. so after i find another place for the audtions, i was wondering how long before the audtions date/s should the actors know about it? and also how long after the auditions should i start production? the auditions are only for four characters. (the only characters in the film)


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A few tips.

1) Hold them in a general location. If you don't have enough money to pay for a studio, try to get a school auditorium, or large room.
2) Video tape them.
3) Have a holding area.
4) You can have them do a monologue, or read from sides, it's up to you.
5) If doing sides, have copies printed to give to waiting actors.
6) If they want copies of the sides before hand, you can decide if you want to do that.
7) Spread out the schedule. If you are holding auditions from noon to 5, try to spread the actors out over that time. (unless you are doing an open call, then, you'd say noon to 5).
8 ) You don't need to do an open call if you know exactly what you are looking for. Look at the headshots, choose the ones you think are good, and schedule them.
9) Have a friend help you. You will need someone to man the camera, and someone to greet the actors.
10) Watch the tapes, and call back your favorites for a second audition.

That's 10 .... so I'll stop there .... my top 10 tips I guess .. ;)

Hope that helps.
Also, I think I read on this site that a library can be a good place cause you can rent rooms for free...