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Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting


As @indietalk pointed out in another thread, we have some extremely knowledgable members here that I think can answer ANY question about screenwriting that any of you may have. I think it would be great if we kept the thread going with all those questions. If this isn't allowed? I apologize and please delete the thread. It just seems like we should have an ONGOING place to answer all these questions.

There are NO stupid questions. Ask away!
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A double hyphen is correct as there in no pause.
And since there is no pause, you must use CON'T to weld the broken sentence. Whoever told you otherwise was wrong. It needs to be in there for post.
Ask yourself, what will it mean to the editor? "..." might mean he needs to snip the dialogue and squeeze in a few frames extra frames to fit the pause. CON'T enables him to see instantly that the dialogue slips seamlessly from scene to scene.
And HERE YOU GO AGAIN. I'm not wrong IF this is a spec. POST? That's putting the cart before the horse a bit, don't you think? LOL. If this is something that somebody is going to shoot WITHOUT being marketed then I stand by what I said -- WRITE IT ANY WAY YOU WANT.

But if this is to be a spec? Nobody is WORRIED about POST in a spec script. LOLOLOLOL. That's what SHOOTING SCRIPTS are for.
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