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color-grading Any point shooting in 10 bit if the final out put is in rec709?

Hey! So I'm shooting in Slog3 in HD and 10 bit (4:2:2).
I was doing some research for color grading for Davinci resolve studio and realized that rec 709 is in 8 bit. I know I could still get something out of the 10 bit if I learn how to use Dolby Vision. But for now, I want to learn step by step and try to understand how 10 bit works and if there is any point to it if your final output is in 8 bit (Rec 709). Lastly, my MacBook air M1 isn't HDR, however, I know my parents' tv is HDR. So color grading on the tv?
Thank you! :)
In my mind you can never have too much source quality. As Sean pointed out, there are other uses for quality besides final output, and additionally, you can consider it as future proofing. When I made my first film, I had no idea I'd be producing for HDR oleds a decade later, so I just shot for the format I was outputting at the time. Once a better format was available, I had no options to remaster. I've since learned to store all my RAW files, and then I can go back and upgrade previous work at any time. At this point, HDD space is much cheaper, and you can get ahold of a 16 TB storage drive for a few hundred dollars.