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Annnnnd, the madness begins!

Updated promotional poster, now with tagline! This is one of two promotional posters we'll be using. I know what the second one will be, but that won't be released until the trailer is ready, and that's not for at least a couple more years. :)

Wow you're really starting early with the promotion. Are you gonna put posters up in your city?
Definitely, but not until a month or two until the trailer is ready. Why make this poster so early then? I'm recruiting collaborators, and at this stage, it's my #1 job to get people excited about working with me, cuz I ain't got no money to pay them. :P

I AM doing promotion to the general public right now, but I'm being a little more sly about it. I've been taking a whole bunch of pictures lately, trying to build instagram followers. It's been slow, but progress is happening. The hope, of course, is that when I'm finally ready to start REALLY promoting the movie, I'll have a captive audience. Hopefully.

The #1 lesson I learned from my first feature is that us tiny-budget folk have to start promotion early, cuz I don't have money to spend on advertising. What I do have is time.